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We can develop web pages in the Karlovy Vary region, especially in locations near Karlovy Vary, Sokolov, also home to our office . Nothing, however, does not limit us to provide services throughout the Republic and abroad, we will help you realize your project without any links to location.

We will provide you with a comprehensive Web design and webdeveloperskй services, websites tailored, simple static presentations to large portals with content management system.

Web cards - simple static presentation

Cheap, light-hearted and yet functional variant is a simple web card to your domain, through which the customer gets the basic information about your company, your business.

  • Advantageous for smaller projects or companies
  • Low cost
  • Small claims for hosting (can use the program Easy )
  • In case the data need to update reports and expert

From CZK 999 (We are not VAT)

Websites with CMS

The ideal compromise between price and performance of this solution makes a very popular option for small business owners, small companies and large corporations. The low cost so you have a comprehensive content management system with unique modular design and potential scalability to suit your needs.

  • Self-employed, small companies and large-scale
  • Price / performance
  • Difficulty in hosting a presentation by nature
  • In the event of changes in a comfortable and flexible to change the content integrated editor
  • Potential modular expandability

The system option CMS

  • Language
  • Ordering / demand systems
  • Animations pages (AJAX)
  • Systems Newsletter (newsletter)
  • E-commerce
  • Connections with social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Online chat systems ticketovй
  • Systems for sale / lease / purchase property
  • Systems for car sales, rentals
  • Systems for booking venues
  • Systems for portals offer / demand jobs
  • and more extensive on request or inquiry

The price of such a solution starts at CZK 1999 (We are not subject to VAT), is directly dependent on the complexity of individual design and functionality requirements.

If you have limited funds? Not an expert on web pages?

Send us your idea of price, we offer tailor-made solutions and instantly you know what a given price can be obtained and whether you are a minor investment in the website is paid more than a very good example of paid listings in various catalogs.