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Linger on internet presentation? To increase the interest of their customers? Tell us your vision and we will take care of its implementation in terms of quality web sites.

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Graphic creation

Professional company creating graphics Please be as professionals. Keep your own identity, a valuable brand, an impressive face. On the basis of mutual cooperation will help to create an entirely new, or modernize your existing look and move it further to meet your wishes and requests. For your convenience, create a design manual, printed materials, promotional items, stickers on cars, clothes and provide printouts at reasonable prices. Creation of logos, logotypes, icons We create simple, memorable, affordable and versatile logo ( . Stationery, business cards, leaflets

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Computer Technology

The development of computer technology is already unsustainable and the purchase of a new product, you lose part of the embedded costs. If you have a particular office needs, we can offer you quality, high performance remanufactured assemblies known manufacturers at a fraction of its original cost, while maintaining a full year guarantee.

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  • easy to use with CMS

  • easy online business card

  • Templates for CMS systems

  • online stores

  • webdesign

  • creating logos, logos

  • Corporate Graphics

  • stationery, brochures, business cards

  • Express Digital Printing

  • flash banners

  • IT consultancy

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Copywriting

  • analysis of current presentation

  • sale and servicing of computers

  • sales of reconditioned branded reports

  • sale of supplies for printers

  • server management, network



2011 06.09
Unavailability of our services

Dear customers, we apologize, but the 7.9 - September 17, 2011, we draw a ... Read more...

2011 24.05
Change of address Seat

After a relatively short time after moving into the last room over the cour ... Read more...

You will get quality support and benefits

By purchasing our products or services just do not get the product itself, but also valuable advice and quality support to solve your problems. We meet you at the door to the future and we are always open. Feel free to ask us, we will always strive to deliver the most relevant answer or solution design.

Of course there is then an affiliate program through which prices are increasing the number of contracts and a lower volume.

Work is fun

Working for you is fun for us. For each new contract or call our sincere pleasure and we look forward to its implementation - to your satisfaction, which is essential for us to score.

We advocate an open-source solutions

We can save your cost, do not waste too, where it is not strictly necessary, and what we can do for the machines, that is teach. We are proponents of open source solutions, which today embrace the characteristics of current commercial software, and allows us to move the price closer to the horizon to your wishes. We start where others left off and get the solutions under development do not apply. Support the right of it, what we believe is the future.

The ratio of price / performance is key for us

Competition is strong, the market is relentless, but still focus on one of the main priorities of today's demand. Keeping the price of our solutions in the limits of available and we offer you an attractive price / performance ratio, which is crucial for both sides. The law of supply and demand is double true.

We constantly follow new trends

Every day we monitor the news industry, news, based on new tools, systems, and that is why we can offer the most comprehensive services. With us you do not lose the field, we are always ready to advise on any information to share together.

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